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1973-1989 Hallmark Ornaments For Sale

LEGEND MIB - Mint In Box, MIP- Mint In Package, SDB- Slightly Damaged Box, NT- No Tag, NB- No Box    
Number Name Condition Price
27-1 Doll Toy: Lucy: Photo NB very good condition; $10.00
QX140-1 Little Miracles: Photo 1 Ball Repeat SDB $28.00
QX204-1 Chickadees: Photo NB $22.00
QX174-1 Twirl Abouts Soldier: Photo Mint No Box $36.00
QX124-1 Yarn Ornament: Santa: Photo NB, good condition; $15.00
QX182-1 Yesteryears: Santa: Photo NB, good condition; $42.00
QX200-2 Colors Of Christmas: BELL (3): Photo NB $12.00
QX202-2 Colors Of Christmas: Wreath: Photo NB $12.00
QX133-5 Disney: Photo1 Photo2 NB $39.00
QX310-2 Holiday Highlights: Joy: Photo1 NB $16.00
QX225-2 Mr. & Mrs. Snowman Kissing Ball: Photo SDB $18.00
QX182-2 Nostalgia Collection: Angel : Photo NB $30.00
QX181-5 Nostalgia Collection: Nativity : Photo NB $34.00
QX183-5 Nostalgia Collection: Toys: Photo NB $29.00
QX193-5 Twirl About Collection: Della Robia Wreath: Photo NB $36.00
QX174-1 Twirl Abouts Bellringer: Photo Mint No Box $36.00
QX172-2 Yesteryears Collection:Angel: Photo Mint No Box $37.00
QX170-2 Yesteryears Collection: House: Photo MIB $55.00
QX173-5 Yesteryears Collection: Reindeer (2): Photo NB $35.00
QX357-6 Colors Of Christmas: CANDLE (2): Photo NB $12.00
QX216-3 Granddaughter: Photo NB $15.00
QX138-3 Joy,"bread dough letters w/ Elf: Photo Mint in box $35.00
QX136-3 Little Trimmers: Drummer Boy: Photo NB slightly broken Drumstick $22.00
QX136-3 Little Trimmers: Drummer Boy: Photo NB missing Drumstick $10.00
QX136-3 Little Trimmers: Drummer Boy: Photo MIB no tag $35.00
QX135-6 Little Trimmers: Santa: Photo NB $13.00
QX148-3 Rocking Horse NB$40.00
QX148-3 Rocking Horse: Photo Box Missing Lid $50.00
QX133-6 Thimble Mouse (1st in Series) (2): Photo NB $75.00
QX269-6 25th Christmas Together: Photo SDB some very small spots $12.00
QX343-9 Angel Music, not originally boxed Photo NO BOX,ink on tag,sewn fabric $9.00
QX350-7 Colors of Christmas: Words of Christmas: Photo NB Some paint flaked on top edge $35.00
QX352-7 Colors of Christmas: Star Over Bethlehem: Photo NB $38.00
QX145-9 Downhill Run, The: Photo NB $34.00
QX210-7 Grandson (Peanuts): Photo DB $9.00
QX210-7 Grandson (Peanuts) NB some yellowing $5.00
QX302-7 Holiday Highlights: Christmas Tree: Photo NB $27.00
QX132-7 Little Trimmer Collection: A Matchless Xmas: Photo NB $22.00
QX342-7 Merry Santa (Sewn Fabric), writing on tag Photo   $11.00
QX342-7 Merry Santa (Sewn Fabric), tag missing Photo   $10.00
QX342-7 Merry Santa (Sewn Fabric),slight pink on hat Photo   $10.00
QX250-7 Our 25th Anniversary: Photo DB $10.00
QX150-7 Outdoor Fun: swing moves Photo DB, $35.00
QX340-7 Rocking Horse, The (Sewn Fabric), tag missing Photo   $12.00
QX200-7 Spencer Sparrow Esquire: Photo NB some small spots on ball $8.00
QX341-9 Stuffed Full Stocking (2)writing on tag: Photo NB $12.00
QX341-9 Stuffed Full Stocking (no tag): Photo NB $10.00
????? 1980 White Satin Ball: not in guide books, slightly yellowed Photo NB $10.00
QX2M Ambassador Ornaments Santa: Photo MIB $26.00
QX215-4 Betsey Clark (8th in Series) NB, small light spots on bottom $12.00
QX149-4 Betsey Clark's Christmas, dated 1980 NB,shadow box design $15.00
QX215-4 Betsey Clark (8th in Series): Photo SDB $18.00
QX215-4 Betsey Clark (8th in Series): Photo MIB $22.00
QX140-1 Caroling Bear: Photo NB $32.00
QX202-1 Granddaughter (Satin Ball) Photo NB $9.00
QX213-4 Grandparents, Glass Ball: Photo Mint in Box $10.00
QX201-4 Grandson (Satin Ball) Photo NB $9.00
QX222-1 Happy Christmas: Photo NB $9.00
QX301-4 Holiday Highlights: Wreath: Photo DB $15.00
QX217-4 Joan Walsh Anglund, satin ball: Photo NB $18.00
QX227-4 Jolly Santa: Glass ball, great shape in Box: Photo great shape SD Box $10.00
QX131-4 Little Trimmers: Christmas Owl: Photo NB $24.00
QX135-4 Little Trimmers: Christmas Teddy: Photo NB $39.00
QX221-4 Marty Links: satin ball Photo Mint SD box $15.00
QX219-4 Mary Hamilton: Photo SDB writing on box, small age spots on ornament $10.00
QX223-4 Santa: satin ball Photo NB $19.00
QX437-5 Christmas Dreams: Photo Tape on Box $119.00
QX437-5 Christmas Dreams: Photo NO Box $49.00
QX810-2 Christmas Magic: Photo Damaged Box $14.00
QX433-5 Frosty Friends (2nd in Series): Photo NB $240.00
QX702-2 Grandmother SDB $10.00
QX702-2 Grandmother: Photo DB $8.00
QX406-2 Little trimmers: Puppy Love: Photo NB $16.00
QX135-4 Little Trimmers: Jolly Snowman: Photo NB $17.00
QX502-2 Love: Photo SDB $18.00
QX502-2 Love:(2) Photo NB $16.00
QX806-2 Mary Hamilton: Photo MIB $18.00
QX807-5 Muppets: Photo MIB $19.00
QX807-5 Muppets: Photo DB $12.00
QX419-5 Peeking Elf, dated 1981: Photo MIB $24.00
QX401-5 Peppermint Mouse (Sewn Fabric) : Photo mint in package $18.00
QX401-5 Peppermint Mouse (Sewn Fabric) : Photo $13.00
  Reversable Trimmer: Angel : Photo NB $11.00
  Reversable Trimmer: Rocking Horse : Photo NB $11.00
  Reversable Trimmer: Santa (2): Photo NB $11.00
  Reversable Trimmer: Snowman : Photo NB $11.00
  Reversable Trimmer: Skating Rabbit: Photo NB $12.00
QX812-2 Santa's Coming: Photo DB $14.00
QX154-7 Well Stocked Stocking:(2) Photo NB $15.00
QX21-6 25th Christmas Together: Photo SDB $12.00
QX207-3 Baby's 1st Christmas, Baby Girl: Photo NB $18.00
QX456-6 Baroque Angel: Photo NB $55.00
QX458-3 Clothespin Soldier: British, First in Series: Photo Mint in Box $45.00
  First Christmas Together: Photo NB $15.00
QX304-6 Friendship: Photo NB $15.00
QX309-6 Holiday Highlights: Angel: Photo BNT $19.00
QX311-3 Holiday Highlights: Christmas Magic:Photo NB, light small scratches $12.00
QX465-3 Jolly Christmas Tree: Photo MIB no tag $36.00
QX454-6 Little Trimmers: Cookie Mouse: Photo NB $19.00
QX477-6 Little Trimmers: Jingling Teddy: Photo NB $15.00
QX304-3 Love: Photo VSDB $20.00
QX461-3 Pinecone Home: Photo NB $60.00
  Reversable Trimmer: Train: Photo NB $18.00
QX483-6 Tin Soldier: Photo NB $22.00
QX419-9 Christmas Koala: Photo SDB $12.00
QX421-7 Embroidered Heart: Photo MIB $19.00
QX430-9 Grandchild's first Chrismas dated 1983: in wrong box Photo SDB $19.00
QX412-7 Holiday Puppy: Photo SDB $12.00
QX425-9 Jolly santa: Photo NB $9.00
QX304-9 Teacher: Photo MIB $5.00
QX407-7 Santa Mountain Climber: Photo Mint in Box $19.00
QLX703-4 Christmas in the Forest: Photo NB $13.00
QX463-1 Katybeth: Photo DB $15.00
QX442-1 Muffin: Photo MIB $17.00
QX700-1 Nativity (Lighted) DB $23.00
QX245-4 New Home: Photo Damaged Box $19.00
QX245-1 Our 1st Christmas Together (2) Photo SDB $19.00
QX430-1 Polar Bear Drummer: Photo no tag Box $12.00
QX450-1 Snowy Seal: Photo BNT $12.00
QLX702-1 Village Church:lighted Photo sDB $21.00
QX458-3 Uncle Sam,pressed tin,dated 1984: Photo Mint in Box $28.00
QX263-2 Betsey Clark (13th/ Final in Series): Photo SDB $18.00
QX475-5 Child's 3rd Christmas: Photo SDB $12.00
QX490-5 Children in the Shoe: Photo SDB $24.00
QX402-5 Dapper Penguin: Photo Slightly damaged Box $13.00
QX481-2 Do Not Disturb Bear: Photo NB $18.00
QX473-5 Engineering Mouse: Photo Slightly damaged box $14.00
QX251-2 First Christmas Together: Photo SDB, no price tag $13.00
QX380-5 Grandparents: (2) Photo MIB $6.00


Katybeth: Photo



QX474-5 Kitten Mishief: Photo SDB $9.00
QX475-2 Stardust Angel: Photo MIB $24.00
QX505-2 Teacher: Photo SDB $8.00
QX514-3 Favorite Tin Drum, dated 1986: Photo Mint in Box $21.00
QX381-3 Nephew: Photo1 Photo2 NB $5.00
QX422-6 Open Me First, little boy w/ kitten: Photo Mint in Box $21.00
QX420-3 Puppy's Best Friend: Photo Slightly damaged Box $15.00
QX415-6 Special Delivery, Penguin: Photo Slightly Damaged Box $16.00
QX408-3 Windows of the World, Dutch, Second in Series: Photo Mint in Box $18.00
QX455-7 Beary Special: Photo NB $6.00
QX277-9 Grandmother: Photo SDB $8.00
QX -9 Grandmother: Photo SDB $8.00
QX480-9 Reindeer Champs, Dancer, dated 1987,2nd in series: Photo Mint in Box $19.00
QX457-9 Santa at the Bat: Photo SDB, writing on box $18.00
QX447-9 Sweetheart: Photo SDB, writing on box $14.00
QX454-7 Three Men in a Tub: Photo MIB $14.00
QX408-4 Angelic Minstrel (Keepsake Club Members Only): Photo MIB $25.00
QXC580-1 Sleighful of Dreams: Photo MIB, Club Ornament $23.00
QX490-1 Sweetheart: Photo SDB $14.00
QLX727-2 Baby's First Christmas (Light/Motion): Photo SDB $39.00
QX381-5 Baby's First Christmas (Acrylic): Photo VSDB $12.00
QX489-5 Balancing elf: Photo MIB $18.00
XPR9723 Carousel Horse Display Stand: Photo DB $10.00
QX972-1 Carousel Horse, Ginger: Photo SDB $12.00
XPR9719 Carousel Horse, Snow: Photo SDB $12.00
XPR9719 Carousel Horse, Star: Photo NB $10.00
QX544-5 Christmas Kitty 1st in Series: Photo SDB $14.00
QX461-2 Collector’s Plate: Morning of Wonder (3rd in series): Photo Tape on Box $8.00
QX278-2 Granddaughter:glass ball Photo mint in box $18.00
QX455-5 Hark It's Herald 1st in Series: Photo MIB $17.00
QX437-2 Joyful Trio: Photo MIB $15.00
QX546-2 North Pole Jogger (Signed By Artist Bob Siedler): Photo MIB $34.00
QX453-5 Playful Angel:(2) Photo SDB $19.00
QX431-2 Spencer Sparrow Esquire: Photo MIB $10.00
QX456-5 Stocking Kitten : Photo SDB $12.00
QX381-2 Twelve Days of Christmas 6th in series 6 Geese-a-Laying: Photo MIB $21.00

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