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MIB - Mint In Box, MIP- Mint In Package, SDB- Slightly Damaged Box, NT- No Tag, NB- No Box

QX474-6 Angel Kitty: Photo MIB no tag $14.50
QLX724-6 Baby's First Christmas: light & motion Photo MIB $32.00
QX519-6 Billboard Bunny: Photo SDB $8.00
QX504-3 Born to Dance: Photo SDB $10.00
QXM577-6 Brass Bouquet: Photo MIB $6.00
QX448-6 Copy of Cheer: Photo NB $7.00
QX 488-3 First Christmas Together: Photo NB $12.00
QX314-6 First Christmas Together: Photo Mint in slightly damaged box $13.00
QX216-6 From Our Home To Yours: Photo NB $5.00
QX310-6 Granddaughter's First Christmas: Photo MIB $10.00
QX306-3 Grandson's First Christmas: Photo MIB $10.00
QX465-6 Greatest Story (1st in Series): Photo DB $11.00
QX471-3 Hang In There: Photo NB $8.00
QX446-3 Hark! It's Herald, 2nd in series: Photo NB $8.00
QX471-6 Kitty's Best Pal: Photo MIB $14.00
XPR9724 Little Frosty Friends Memory Wreath:Photo SDB, no display stand $8.00
QX475-3 Mouseboat: Photo MIB,No price tag $9.00
DXM570-6 Nativity: Photo MIB $8.00
QXM581-6 Ruby Reindeer:mini (4) Photo MIB $6.00
QLX730-6 Starlight Angel: Photo Box Written On, Signed by Artist Anita Morris Rogers: Photo $28.00
QX303-3 Twelve Days of Christmas 7th in series 7 Seven Swans A Swimming: Photo MIB $12.00


QLX711-7 Arctic Dome , Santa & reindeer play football: Photo MIB, Light & motion $45.00
QX210-9 Betsey Clark Home for Christmas (6th/Final in Series): Photo SDBNT $12.00
QLX720-7 Chris Mouse Mail #7 in series: Photo NB $14.00
XPR9731 Claus & Co. Rail Road, Gift Car: Photo MIB $10.00
XPR9732 Claus & Co. Rail Road, Passenger Car: Photo MIB $10.00
XPR973? Claus & Co. Rail Road, Caboose: Photo NB $5.00
QX436-9 Collector's Plate: Let it Snow : Photo SDB, 5th in series $16.00
QX487-9 Dad To Be: Photo SDB $10.00
QX229-9 Granddaughter: Photo SDB $11.00
QX412-9 Greatest Story (2nd in Series): Photo DB $19.00
QX512-9 Peace On Earth Italy (1st in Series): Photo MIB $26.00
QX528-7 Polar Classic (bear playing golf): Photo MIB $13.00
QX434-7 Reindeer Champs Cupid #6 in series: Photo DB $8.00
QX438-9 Santa Sailor: Photo MIB, no price tag $18.00
QLX715-7 Sparkling Angel: Photo SDB $25.00
QX308-9 Twelve Days of Christmas 8th in series 8 Maids A Milking:(2) Photo MIB $18.00
QXM566-7 Woodland Babies 1st in Series Photo MIB $30.00


QX 457-4 A Child's Christmas: Photo NB, date not on one side $6.00
QX537-4 Garfield: Photo SDB $15.00
QX425-1 Greatest Story (3rd/Final in Series): Photo MIB $16.00
QX446-4 Hark it's Herald, 4th in series: Photo Slightly damaged box $19.00
QX445-4 Heavenly Angels, 2nd in series: Photo MIB $18.00
QX517-4 Peace On Earth Spain (2nd in Series): Photo MIB $18.00
QX529-1 Please Pause Here Coca Cola Santa: Photo SDB $27.00
QX509-4 Rapid Delivery: Photo NB $12.00
QXM411-2 Refreshing Flight: Photo MIB $12.00
XPR973-6 Santa & His Reindeer Collection, Prancer & Vixen: Photo NB $7.00
XPR9738 Santa & His Reindeer Collection, Santa Claus: Photo SDB, missing ribbon, but can use any small ribbon $13.00
QX507-4 Santa Maria: Photo MIB $12.00
QX446-1 Sweet Holiday Harmony (6th/Final in Series) (2): Photo SDB $21.00
QXM554-1 The Night Before Christmas (Display House)1st in Series : Photo MIB $31.00


QX591-2 Across The Miles: Photo NB $9.00
QX597-2 Anniversary Year - Photoholder: Photo SDB $16.00
QX206-2 Betsey's Country Christmas, #2nd in series: Photo MIB $22.00
QX541-2 Bugs Bunny: Photo SDB $13.00
QLX715-2 Chrismouse Flight: Photo SDB $17.00
QXC4457 Cool Santa, Club Membership Ornament: Photo MIB $12.00
QLX717-2 Dog's Best Friend: Photo SDB $15.00
QX408-5 Elmer Fudd: Photo MIB $10.00
XPR974-9 Fireplace Base, Bearingers: Photo MIB $9.00
QX530-2 Glowing Pewter Wreath: Photo MIB $19.00
QX540-2 Great Connections: Photo MIB $19.00
QX536-2 He is Born: Photo MIB $14.00
QX494-5 Heavenly Angels - 3rd/Final Angel with Dove: Photo MIB $14.00
QX525-5 Howling Good Time: Photo MIB $11.00
QX529-5 Julianne and Teddy: Photo DB $17.00
QX568-5 Look for the Wonder: Photo MIB $19.00
QX577-5 Making Waves: Photo MIB $19.00
XPR974-5 Mama Bearinger: Photo MIB $9.00
QXM400-5 March of the Teddy Bears - 1st in Series (2) Teddy Holding Baton: Photo MIB $12.00
QX420-2 Mr. & Mrs. Claus, A Fitting Moment,8th in series: Photo MIB $17.00
QX573-2 Niece: Photo MIB $10.00
QX526-5 On Her Toes: Photo MIB $9.00
QX301-5 Our First Christmas Together Photo MIB $20.00
QX524-2 Peace On Earth - 3rd & Final Poland: Photo MIB $11.00
QX524-5 Peek-A-Boo Tree: Photo MIB $17.00
QX539-2 Popping Good Time 1/2 of 2 piece ornament: Photo NB $5.00
QX565-2 Porky Pig: Photo MIB $12.00
QLX718-5 Raiding the Fridge: Photo MIB $24.00
QX433-1 Reindeer Champs Blitzen #8 in series: Photo MIB $7.00
QLX741-5 Road Runner and Wile E Coyote:Magic Motion Photo NB $30.00
QLX740-5 Song of The Chimes: Photo DB $29.00
QX540-5 Sylvester and Tweety: Photo MIB $18.00
QXM512-5 The Bearymores - 2nd Caroling: Photo MIB $11.00
QXM513-5 The Kringles - 5th & Final Mr. & Mrs. Kringle Holding Wreath: Photo MIB $14.00
QX555-5 To My Grandma: Photo MIB $12.00
QXM402-2 Visions of Sugarplums: Photo DB $12.00


QX563-3 Baby's First Christmas: Photo MIB $24.00
QXM407-6 Beary Perfect Tree: Photo MIB, miniature $9.00
QXC4119 Collector's Club, Cozy Christmas: Photo MIB $10.00
QXC4191 Collector's Club, Holiday Bunny: Photo MIB $10.00
QXC480-6 Collector's Club, Sweet Bouquet: Photo MIB $10.00
QXM406-3 Corny Elf: Photo MIB, miniature $9.00
QX533-6 Eager For Christmas: Photo MIB $19.00
QLX748-6 Eagle Has Landed, The : Photo MIB $45.00
QK116-6 Folk Art Americana Collection, Going to Town : Photo MIB $40.00
QX500-3 Fred and Barney: The Flintstones Photo SDB $20.00
QX521-6 Holiday Barbie: 2nd in series: Photo MIB $45.00
QK105-3 Holiday Favorites: Dapper Snowman: Photo MIB $20.00
QK103-3 Holiday Favorites: Gentle Fawn: Photo MIB $14.00
QK103-6 Holiday Favorites: Joyful Lamb: Photo MIB $20.00
QK104-3 Holiday Favorites: Peaceful Dove: Photo SDB $20.00
QXC482-3 Holiday Pursuit: Keepsake Club: Photo MIB $18.00
QX540-6 Lion King: Mufusa and Simba: Photo MIB $24.00
QX530-3 Lion King: Simba and Nala: Photo SDB $20.00
QX536-6 Lion King: Timon and Pumbaa: Photo MIB $14.00
QX560-2 Looney Tunes Collection: Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote: Photo SDB $17.00
QXC485-3 Members Only, On Cloud Nine: Photo MIB $15.00
QX546-6 Mom: Photo NO Box $5.00
QXM512-3 Night Before Christmas, The: Photo MIB, miniature $9.00
QX570-6 Our First Christmas Together: Photo SDB $19.00
XPR945-2 Sarah Plain and Tall Collection, The Hays Train Station: Photo MIB $22.00
QX570-3 Stamp of Approval: Photo MIB $13.00
QXM411-6 Tiny Toon, Babs Bunny: Photo MIB, miniature $9.00
QXM516-3 Tiny Toon, Buster Bunny: Photo MIB, miniature $9.00
QXM412-6 Tiny Toon, Hampton: Photo MIB, miniature $9.00
QXM412-3 Tiny Toon, Plucky Duck: Photo MIB, miniature $9.00
QX520-6 U.S. Christmas Stamps 2nd in Series: Photo SDB $15.00
QXL749-3 Winnie the Pooh Parade, motion & music: Photo SDB $52.00
QX531-6 Yuletide Central: Locomotive (1st in Series) : Photo SDB $40.00


QX507-7 A Celebration of Angels - 1st African-American Holiday: Photo MIB $17.00
QXM4839 A Moustershire Christmas, 4 pc. set, Special Edition: (2) Photo SDB $25.00
QXC412-9 A Gift From Rodney: Photo MIB $7.00
QXM4839 A Moustershire Christmas, 4 piece Special Edition set : Photo SDB $20.00
QXM477-7 Alice in Wonderland - 1st Alice sitting on a thimble: Photo MIB $13.00
QX5527 All American Truck 1956 Ford Truck - 1st in Series Photo MIB $28.00
QK115-9 Angel of Light: Photo MIB $18.00
QK109-7 Away in a Manger: Photo SDB $16.00
QK106-9 Backyard Orchard by Marjolein Bastin: Photo MIB $28.00
QXI504-9 Barbie - 2nd Solo in the Spotlight (2): Photo MIB $22.00
QX502-9 Baseball Heroes - 2nd Lou Gehrig (2): Photo MIB $15.00
QX525-9 Beverly And Teddy: Photo SDB $21.00
QX501-9 Bugs Bunny (2): Photo SDB $11.00
QXM446-7 Calamity Coyote: Photo MIB $9.00
QXI616-9 Captain John Smith and Meeko: Photo MIB $16.00
SET of 5 A Charlie Brown Christmas: Photo MIB $54.00
QXM4007 Christmas Bells #1 in series: Photo MIB $17.00
QK1077 Christmas Cardinal: Photo MIB $20.00
QX595-9 Christmas Patrol: Photo MIB $14.00
QXC412-9 Christmas Visitors - 1st Saint Nicholas (2): Photo MIB $19.00
QXC411-7 Collecting Memories: Photo MIB $12.00
QX551-9 Colorful World, Crayola Crayons: Photo MIB $16.00
QLX736-9 Coming to See Santa: Photo MIB $46.00
QX524-7 Crayola Crayon 7th in series Bright 'n' Sunny Tepee: Photo MIB $20.00
QX564-9 Dad: Photo MIB $14.00
QX410-7 Delivering Kisses: Photo NB $10.00
QXM483-7 Downhill Double: Photo MIB $9.00
QX600-7 Dream On: Photo MIB $18.00
EXPO EXPO 1995 Caricature Ball of Artists on Tour , available at Expo '95 onlyPhoto MIB $18.00
EXPO EXPO'95 Cooking Up Fun, available at Expo '95 onlyPhoto MIB $18.00
QX514-7 Fabulous Decade 1995: Photo MIB $19.00
QXC520-7 Fishing for Fun, Collector's Club: Photo MIB $13.00
QK105-7 Folk Art Americana Collection , Fetching the Firewood: Photo MIB $35.00
QK103-9 Folk Art Americana Collection , Fishing Party: Photo MIB $35.00
QK103-7 Folk Art Americana Collection , Guiding Santa: Photo MIB $40.00
QK104-7 Folk Art Americana Collection , Learning to Skate: Photo MIB $35.00
QK109-9 Following the Star: Photo MIB $18.00
QXI575-9 Football Legends - 1st Joe Montana : Photo MIB $32.00
QX525-8 Forever Friends Bear (2): Photo MIB $15.00
QLX728-9 Fred & Dino The Flintstones, Light & Motion: Photo NB $28.00
QX582-7 Friendly Boost: Photo MIB $16.00
QK115-7 Gentle Lullaby: Photo SDB $21.00
QX630-7 Happy Holidays Photo Album: Photo SDB $7.00
QXM403-7 Heavenly Praises: Photo SDB $9.50
QXI505-7 Holiday Barbie - 3rd Green/White (3): Photo MIB $25.00
QK113-7 Joy: Photo MIB $21.00
QX502-7 Kiddie Car Classics - 2nd Murray Firetruck (3): Photo MIB $26.00
QX476-9 Little Beeper: Photo MIB $9.00
QX513-9 Merry Olde Santa - 6th Bag of Goodies: Photo MIB $18.00
QXM409-7 Mini. Clothespin Soldier -1st:Photo MIB $12.00
QXM407-9 Mini.Kiddie Car Classics-1st Murray Champion (4):Photo MIB $16.00
QX565-9 Mom-to-Be: Photo MIB $15.00
QXC412-9 Mr. And Mrs. Claus - 10th & Final Christmas Eve Kiss: Photo MIB $21.00
QK113-9 Noelle: Photo SDB $15.00
QX526-7 Pez Santa: Photo SDB $11.00
QXM407-7 Precious Creations: Photo MIB $12.00
QK106-7 Raising a Family, by Marjolein Bastin: Photo MIB $30.00
QX598-7 Rejoice (2): Photo MIB $17.00
QXM4779 Santa's Little Big Top: Photo MIB $7.00
QXM404-7 Santa's Visit: Photo MIB $14.00
QXI4109 Ships of Star Trek, set of three ornaments: Photo SDB $26.00
QX568-9 Sister to Sister: Photo NB $6.00
QLX730-9 Superman: Photo MIB $40.00
QX501-7 Sylvester And Tweety: Photo MIB $19.00
QX602-9 Takin' a Hike: Photo MIB $15.00
QXM480-7 The Night Before Christmas - 4th Santa with gifts: Photo MIB $15.00
QX316-9 The Olympic Spirit: Photo MIB $8.00
QX597-9 Three Wishes: Photo MIB $16.00
QLX726-9 Tobin Fraley Holiday Carousel - 2nd Over the Waves (2): Photo DB $39.00
QK102-7 Turn of the Century Parade - 1st The Fireman: Photo MIB $31.00
QX300-9 Twelve Days of Christmas 12th in series 12 Drummers Drumming: Photo MIB $10.00
QK107-9 Violets and Butterflies, by Marjolein Bastin: Photo MIB $28.00
QLX732-9 Wee Little Christmas (3): Photo MIB $35.00
QX500-9 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (2): Photo SDB $20.00
QLX729-7 Winnie the Pooh-Too Much Hunny: Photo DB $50.00
QX507-9 Yuletide Central - 2nd Coal Car: Photo MIB $21.00


QXI6544 101 Dalmations: Photo MIB $13.00
24 KT Artists On Tour 24-Karat Gold Plated Rocking Horse: Photo MIB $45.00
QXM A Tree For Woodstock: Photo MIB $15.00
QXM4074 Alice in Wonderland - 2nd Mad Hatter: Photo MIB $15.00
QX5241 All-American Trucks - 2nd 1955 Chevrolet Cameo: Photo MIB $21.00
QX5564 All God's Children - 1st Christy: Photo MIB $20.00
QXI6541 Barbie - 3rd Enchanting Evening: Photo SDB $18.00
QX56319 Christmas Visitors - 2nd Christkindl: Photo MIB $19.00
QK1161 Cookie Jar Friends, Clyde: Photo SDB $21.00
QXM4144 Clothespin Soldier Miniature #2 Series: Photo MIB $10.00
QX5561 Dolls of the World -1st Native American Barbie: Photo MIB $18.00
QX5714 Evergreen Santa -Special Edition: Photo MIB $30.00
QK1134 Folk Art Americana Collection- Caroling Angel : Photo MIB $30.00
QXC10594 Folk Art Americana Collection- Home From the Woods -Club Piece: Photo MIB $45.00
QK1204 Folk Art Americana Collection- Mrs Claus: Photo MIB $30.00
QXI5021 Football Legends - 2nd Troy Aikman: Photo MIB $22.00
QXM4251 Hattie Chapeau: mini Photo SDB $5.00
QX6134 Hillside Express: Photo SDB $19.00
QXI5371 Holiday Barbie #4 in series: Photo MIB $24.00
QXC4181 Holiday Barbie Club Edition -copy of 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie doll 1st in series: Photo MIB $54.00
QEO8184 Joyful Angels - 1st in Joyful Angels series: Photo MIB $21.00
QX502-7 Kiddie Car Classics - 3nd Murray Airplane: Photo MIB $21.00
QXM4031 Kiddie Car Classics Miniature - 2nd Murray Fire Truck: Photo MIB $12.00
QXI6354 Laverne, Victor & Hugo -Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame: Photo MIB $8.00
QK1114 Nature's Sketchbook-Birds' Christmas Tree -by Marjolein Bastin (2): Photo MIB $25.00
QK1094 Nature's Sketchbook- The Holly Basket -by Marjolein Bastin: Photo MIB $25.00
QXM4084 Nutcracker Guild 3rd in series: Photo MIB $10.00
QX3051 Our First Christmas Together Photo MIB $18.00
QX5381 Peanuts Gang Sally -4th in series: Photo MIB $18.00
QXC7341 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer -Collector's Club Piece: Photo MIB $18.00
QXC4171 Rudolph's Helper Miniature Collector's Club Piece: Photo MIB $8.00
QXC4164 Santa -Collector's Club Piece: Photo SDB $18.00
QE08081 Springtime Barbie - 2nd Easter Collection series: Photo MIB $22.00
QX316-9 The Olympic Spirit: Photo MIB $8.00
QXM4044 Winnie the Pooh & Tigger: Photo MIB $13.00
QX6131 Woodland Santa: Photo MIB $16.00
QX5011 Yuletide Central-Mail Car -3rd in series: Photo MIB $25.00

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